How Can Google influence geopolitics

In recent days the books and documentaries that influenced me are :-

1.The Century of Self (BBC Documentary)

2.The prince by  Niccolò Machiavelli

3. The Power Of Nightmares(BBC Documentary)

4.The biography of Otto von Bismarck

5.The 48 Laws of power by Robert greene

6. The 33 strategies of war by Robert greene

7. Citizenfour on Edward Snowden

8. Inside Job  a american documentary

I researched them for the purpose of writing the best of ten documentaries but while researching them an idea came to my mind that how can i influence the world . Basically How can a normal blogger as myself can get their hands on some power . How can I apply the theories in these media can be applied by myself . So here are two ways by which google can be used as a tool for influencing geopolitics .

Power of unconscious :- Before explaining this power i would like to say the influencer must have a grasp of the knowledge of language of the influenced . The most common mistake the companies or people in power think that they can influence people of other cultures by showing their ways of life A prime example of how many multinationals fails to enter a new market . But past that as many people show their real self in the digital realm under the disguise of anonymity . they are easily influenced as they they likely to not put up defenses against the invisible enemy.  this can be done by

  1. Manipulating the search results
  2. Manipulating the advertisement.

Power of data :- Data analysis is the emerging trends which can tell a person about recurring patterns in persons subconscious before even the person knows itself social media have already used by likes of Facebook to influence election . Now coming back to google by analyzing data “What people like to hear” the search algorithm can be devised to point user to different direction than intended to unconsciously.


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