Best ways to create audio books for free

Many of us likes books but does not have time to sit through a book . Audio books are a portable source of knowledge and entertainment . And with the devices are having more storage these days you can carry several audio books without compromising your device storage . So here are the two ways in which this works for me .

No.: 1 Creating a audiobook with TTS(Text to speech software )

For this method there are two requirements as

1.TTS software = espeak

2. Audio Software = Audacity

The process is as follows

1.Convert your ebook into text file . though tts might work with other formats but it generally distort the symbols or special character.

2. Open your file in espeak tts . If the file is not to big there should be no problem if not divide the text file into smaller portions and do the following process .

3. Choose the voice that you like .

4. Choose the rate at which You find comfortable to listen to the audio-books .

5. Save the file to the wav format .

There You have it you got a audiobook but the problem with it that it is not in the compressed file format so it can be up to in gigabytes therefore .

6 For that we will need the Audacity software . Drag and drop your file in the Audacity software .

7. Export Your audio file in the .mp3 format so as to make it smaller in size .

No.: 2 Android applicationĀ 

This method is a lot simpler butĀ  with more limited functionality .

You will need = @Voice aloud reader on your android device which can convert your ebook to audio book in no time you just have to follow simple instruction in the app to generate your audio book but as only downside to it is audio book is generated in real time so there is an issue of memory consumption .

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