10 most used social media platforms by countries

Around the world there are various countries and cultures which have their own social media platform’s . Not all are widely recognized in the other parts of the world . Here are few social media platform’s by their respective countries of use.

No.: 10 Uzbekistan 

Describing the unique culture of central Asia . The country depends on ok.ru for its social media consumption .As one of the top social media sites in Uzbekistan.

No.: 9 Nigeria

As the most populous country in the continent of the Africa and one of the fastest growing internet consumers by country the Nigeria has Whatsapp as its top social media platform .

NO.8: Japan

Japan has a very unique culture has its very unique LINE However it is technically not in the Social category and is actually a messaging app .

No.7: Indonesia 

Representing a large part of the world population the country of indonesia uses Facebook as it’s main social media site .

No.: 6 South Korea 

Though south korea has many homegrown social media platform’s (KakaoTalk) but still by the no of users the Facebook reigns supreme.

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No.: 5 Brazil

The biggest country in the south america uses Whatsapp for communication on the internet.

No.: 4 Russia

Vk (previously known as VKontakte) is by far the most popular social media platform in Russia.It can be described as a birth child between Facebook and torrent.

No.: 3 India

Soon to be the most populous country in the world uses Facebook for its social network needs.

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No.: 2 China 

The most populous country in the world uses WeChat which is far more than any of the Western messaging app because it is a mix of Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and Skype .

No.: 1 USA

With as many as 168 million  monthly users in the country of 326 million Facebook

reigns supreme in america .

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