the best ten of Sports manga of november 2018

Sports manga have recently been in the trends lately . In this list i have chosen sports manga which are currently in progress . Here are the best ten of Sports manga of november 2018 .

No.: 10 Daiya no A – Act II
Sequel to Diamond no Ace.
Continuation of Daiya no A – our protagonists still advance at Koshien, the most important highschool baseball tournament in Japan .

No.: 9 Namaikizakari
Only shoujo on this list show’s the increase in
the popularity in that genre .

No.: 8 Yowamushi Pedal
Competitive cycling can be this interesting nobody knew .

No.: 7 Saotome Girl, Hitakakusu
This boxing manga though shounen have a female as its main fighting force .

No.: 6 Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru
This long running martial arts manga is typical example for the shounen sports genre .

No.: 5 Hinomaru-Zumou
Due to recent release of its anime sumo manga is popularizing the sport of sumo .

No.: 4 Baby Steps
This is a tale of strategy as well as tennis .

No.: 3 Haikyuu!!
This is the manga who rising in trends in the recent years might change perceptive about volleyball for many people .

No.: 2 Baki
This martial arts manga though ridiculous in its over the top physiques but that is also one of its charms .

No.: 1 Hajime no Ippo
This long running sports manga have favorite of all boxing manga fan /boxing fans/manga fans . This is a manga about struggle of a person from the bottom .

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