Best k drama airing now(first week November 2018)

K drama airing this season has a lots of ups and down . Show quality has not been same throughout the seasons but here are few which has maintained there top spot .

No.:5 Terius behind me

Though this drama is good , it has a habit of dropping the seriousness at the drop of the hat .

No.:4 Heart surgeons / two lives one heart

Its a intense medical drama with lots of crazy twists .

No.:3 Room no 9

This body swap crime drama is very interesting as the stakes are so high .

No.: 2 The guest

This drama has just ended and man it was a thrill ride though not reflected by the ratings this drama is very nice . It does not have any romance or comedy just pure horror will bring you back for the next episode .

No.: 1 Where star land /Fox bride star

This weeks episode has just ended but I can tell you it should be on first because the story has not let its pace . the drama is at a nice pace and nice spot for them who want to watch a new title .

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