Best ten shounen of october 2018

The best ten shounen are.

No 10: One Punch Man

Even thou it was not a big hit in japan it has taken west by the storm.One punch man tells the story of saitama  and how though unknown is the greatest hero in the universe.

No.9: Attack on titan

Due to it’s melancholy vibe , action , gore and interesting story line.It is one of the most known anime worldwide.

No.8: Fairy Tail

During its early days it was said to be copy of famous anime of that time , but by time due to interesting storytelling it has made a name for itself.

No.7: Boku no hero Academia

Though recent entry to the anime world it has been on top of list of every anime fan because of it’s underdog story and hardworking protagonist.

No.6: Nanatsu no taizai

Don’t go looking at the face of the protagonist this anime has a lot of mature content and violence . Many characters are overpowered but the enemy are more so.

No.5: Hunter X Hunter

The first manga was published two decades ago but this anime has stood the test of time. Wide universe a lot of new and interesting characters.

No.4: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

It is going to be an all time great in history of Japanese animation industry . P.s It also has a sister series.

No.3: Naruto

As an anime it is symbolic representation of the japanese culture . All the cool thing about japan food , ninja are in this anime.

No.2: One Piece

This long running anime has stood the test as many have come after it and gone into the obscurity.

Honorable Mentions



Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

No:1 Dragon ball / dragon ball z

It is the one that literally made anime an international phenomenon . Every child who has watched it once have been hooked for rest of life.

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